Expected arrival and departure times

More information concerning travel and logistics will be published in due course, but when planning flights, please consider the following:

  • Most participants should plan to arrive in Johannesburg on 2 or 3 July, departing on 11 July. You should aim to arrive no later than 13:00 on 3 July to ensure adequate transfer time to the venue for our evening meal and the opening ceremony. The closing ceremony will take place on the evening of 10 July, so please plan your departure for 11 July.

  • Volunteers should plan to arrive on the 30 June, for the Volunteers Formación from 30 June – 3 July, departing on 11 or 12 July.

  • Students also attending the Student Gathering (1-3 July) should plan to arrive in Johannesburg no later than 13:00 on 1 July, departing on 11 July.

  • Participants of the Faculty and Research Students' track (3-7 July) should plan to arrive in Johannesburg on 2 or 3 July, departing on 7 July or after World Assembly finishes on 11 July.

Please email worldassembly@ifesworld.org if you have any questions concerning travel arrangements and our flight booking policy.

Important information about visas

Obtaining visas for South Africa is going to be a real challenge and an additional financial burden for some. Please enquire about visa requirements and start the process as soon as participants are registered.

For a list of countries that are exempt from needing a visa for South Africa, please see the South Africa Department of Home Affairs website. If you have questions regarding obtaining a visa, please ask your delegation manager or email worldassembly@ifesworld.org.

Travel scholarships

For participants receiving an IFES travel scholarship (50% or 90%), tickets must only be purchased after an entry visa for South Africa has been secured. Participants who have secured their visa should contact worldassembly@ifesworld.org to arrange their travel.

Travel scholarships not claimed by 31 May 2019 will expire.
> Find out more about World Assembly Scholarships

When should I book my flights and where to?

You should fly into Johannesburg, South Africa. Please be a good steward of resources by investigating cheaper options and being creative about flight routes. Flights tend to be cheaper the earlier you book. You can book a flight once your visa has come through.