Support this Unique global GAthering

World Assembly is a very important time in the life of our fellowship: a time of sharing, praying, and decision making together. Our vision is for World Assembly to be a truly global event, with at least two participants representing each national movement.

The cost of sending even one participant is beyond the means of a number of national movements. We ask all participants to raise some of their own conference and travel costs, but some have no way of raising this amount of money without outside assistance.

IFES awards scholarships to make sure students are able to attend and that no national movement is prevented from being represented because of finances. This is a time we can show our togetherness by supporting each other to make World Assembly a truly global gathering of the IFES family. 

Meet some of the scholarship recipients attending World Assembly 2019

IFES granted over $650,000 in scholarships to help 300 delegates attend World Assembly 2015 in Mexico.

How your support can make an impact

  • Could you give regularly for the next year to make World Assembly happen for people from every IFES ministry worldwide?

  • Could you give $115 to cover the on-site costs for a participant for one day?

  • Could you give $2,890 to sponsor the full conference and travel costs for one participant?

If you can't give online, you can arrange to give through your IFES national movement.

Participants: If you are raising money towards your own World Assembly costs, please see the fundraising page for details on how to send money. Contact for more information.