Resources for raising support

Having the opportunity to attend IFES World Assembly is an incredible joy and privilege, but it does mean you have to raise some money to cover some or all of the costs of attending. We want to help make this as easy as possible. 

Or perhaps you want to fundraise for the Scholarship Fund to help others with less financial resources get to World Assembly.

Here are some resources to help you with your fundraising:

If you have further questions about raising support, please email:


Gathering donations

Participants: raising money for your World Assembly fee  

You can collect donations in cash, by transfer to your national movement bank account (ask your delegation manager for these details) or use a local online sponsorship site - ask your national movement if they have set one up, or can recommend one, as this may be the best way to collect donations towards your costs. This money should be given to your national movement as per the instructions they will provide. 

If your national movement does not have an online giving page but you have supporters in other countries who would like to help pay your fees, they can do that on the IFES website.  

Please send your supporters this link:

Ask supporters to click ‘modify’ and input the amount they want to give. 

To ensure that the money is correctly allocated against your fees, ask supporters to put your name in ‘Attendee Information’, and to specify your country and national movement in the ‘Add comments or instructions for the finance office’ box below your name. For example: they should enter ‘John’ ‘SMITH’ ‘SCO South Africa’ in the three boxes. 

Supporters: Raising money for the Scholarship Fund

You can make donations to the scholarship fund on the IFES giving page or via your national movement. 
> Find out more about the Scholarship Fund