Delegation Managers

Each IFES national movement will be contacted to nominate a Delegation Manager. The Delegation Manager is responsible for nominating participants to represent their region or movement at World Assembly, managing scholarship applications, arranging the payment of fees for the delegation, and deciding which participants will have voting rights for their movement at the General Committee sessions. Delegation Managers are normally IFES Regional Secretaries, or leaders of IFES national movements.

If you are interested in attending World Assembly and are a member of your IFES national movement, you should speak with the leader of your national movement.

the registration process

  • 10 October 2018: scholarship application deadline
    Delegation Managers must submit applications for scholarships by 10 October. We cannot accept scholarship applications after this deadline. Find out more about Scholarships

  • 22 October 2018: scholarship allocations
    The scholarships for every National Movement will be allocated by the 22 October. Delegation Managers will be informed by email about any scholarships they will be awarded.

  • 31 October 2018: preregistration deadline
    Delegation Managers need to preregister delegates by full name with us by 1 November. Only preregistered delegates will be able to register officially online from January 2019.

  • 1 January 2019: registration opens
    The official registration launches online and your preregistered delegates need to sign up.

  • 31 March 2019: registration deadline
    Registration for World Assembly closes.


We hope that those who attend World Assembly will be inspired, encouraged, and equipped for ministry. It is important that those who come see themselves as ambassadors for their national movement and before the event are gathering stories and prayer news that can be shared with others. Please also think of ways in which your participants can share and report back to others after the event, ensuring the wider movement benefits from World Assembly, and the reach and impact of this special gathering is increased.

World Assembly is also the formal business meeting of IFES where we elect the new IFES Board, affiliate new member movements, discuss changes to the constitution and more.  Each delegation will include a number of voting delegates to represent their movement in the General Committee sessions.

IFES is a student movement, and one specific goal is that we have at least one student participant from each national movement. World Assembly 2019 will include a special Student Gathering as a prelude to the main program. Having student participants at World Assembly is a great opportunity to reflect the vision of IFES and an investment in the future leaders who will take forward the vision of our movement.

Ideally, we would like to see at least three participants from every national movement: the general secretary, a staff or board member, and a student. Our venue in South Africa does allow for more than three participants from every movement, so if your movement can afford it, you can send more people. It would be great, for example, to have many participants from Africa, taking advantage of the proximity of many of these countries.

Participants should be able to communicate in one of the three major conference languages (English, French and Spanish), or know that someone else travelling with them can interpret for them.

Nominating people to the Track for FACULTY AND RESEARCH STUDENTS from Africa

We will be running a three-day track for faculty members and research students which will take place during the first three days of World Assembly. This is especially for faculty and research students from Africa. People who participate in this track may participate in just the track from 3-7 July or stay on to participate in the rest of World Assembly until 11 July.

We hope to bring together about 50 Christian university professors, doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers to explore together how, in our various national movements, we can:

  • bring a Christian voice and character to bear on the various academic disciplines, conversations and research agendas that constitute the university;

  • help make universities more just and humane institutions that contribute towards human flourishing;

  • nurture a vision for Christian scholarship in the current student generation.

Staff of IFES national movements who work specifically with faculty and research students are also invited to participate.

Those interested in this track can be part of your movement’s delegation for the entire event, or just attend the first few days of World Assembly. They will join some of the plenary sessions, but also have separate sessions to discuss special issues faced by faculty within the university.

The cost of attending this track only (not the full event) is US$475, including airport transfers, food, and accommodation.

Registration for participants of this track should be organised by the delegation manager for the national movement. Space for this track is limited, so participation will only be confirmed after the preregistration process.

Fundraising Together

World Assembly requires an immense fundraising effort by IFES internationally. IFES will approach donors to help fund scholarships to World Assembly, but we would also like to see IFES movements supporting each other by contributing to the scholarship fund. You could contribute by:

  • taking a collection at your national movement or regional event;

  • approaching some of your donors asking them to contribute towards the scholarship fund;

  • making a contribution as a national movement from your existing budget – expressing that within a global community we support each other.

We would be very thankful if we as an IFES community would stand together in this – as expressed by the theme of World Assembly 2015 in Mexico.

> Explore fundraising resources to help raise support for World Assembly

Frequently asked questions:

How do I change the details or make a cancellation?

If any member of your delegation can no longer attend World Assembly, it is possible to transfer the registration to a different participant by emailing Alternatively, we can cancel specific registrations. However, we can only refund deposits in the case of a participant not being granted a visa to travel to South Africa.

What about children and other family members?

Sadly, we cannot accommodate children. Spouses are welcome to attend, but any spouse hoping to attend will need to pay in full and must not take the place of a student, staff or board participant. Try to think about whether this is the best use of your resources, or if you could contribute towards another participant coming, either from your own movement or from another country.